Frizerie / Barbershop in Collier Row, Romford

For Gentlemen On the Go

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Perfect Haircuts

Hair Cut One Barbershop, known for its expert male grooming services, has recently expanded its reach by opening a new shop in the bustling neighbourhood of Collier Row.

Whether it’s a classic fade or a trendy pixie cut, clients can trust that their hair will be perfectly styled at Hair Cut One Barbershop in Collier Row.

With a prime location just across the street from the popular local pub, Hair Cut One offers not only convenience but an unparalleled level of professionalism. 

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Pride in Each Service



skin fades


Beard Trim


hair dye

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Best Barber Experience

We believe in providing top-notch quality while keeping our prices fair and transparent. So whether you’re seeking basic or premium services, our goal is to ensure utmost satisfaction at a price that works for you.

Classic Haircut

£ 15

Scissor Haircut

£ 17

Skin fade

£ 22

Beard Trim

£ 7

Boys Haircut

£ 14

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Highly Qualified Barbers

our barbers

Hair Specialist

Tatiana is very passionate, and she's been with us since 2016.